6 mars 2010

Voilà février !
Quel gros bloc ! mais mars se trouve être très bien pour poursuivre .
Bonne chance à tous pour la suite

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Sally H a dit…

Hi Florence
Your block is so beautiful .... bravo on your lovely stitching. I finished my block for March yesterday ... I did Block 6 ... the one with the skaters. It is a bit strange however ... look in the right top corner of the block and tell me (if you can) what creature is sort of floating in the air over the bridge. I cannot figure out what it is supposed to be????
I am now working on Autumn in Hawk Run Hollow. I got the chart on Wednesday and started laying in the blocks last night. I will work on this when I am not doing Christmas.
Respect the floss (something we say in our stitching group here)
Cheers from Canada

flop a dit…

Thank you sally , it is nice to have comments from Canada . The "thing" over the bridge ... I don't know ... It looks like fish bones !!
I hope you Will show us some pictures.
SO , respect the floss !!! Is it ?

Főkolomp a dit…

Dear Florence,
your stitching is beautiful.
Zsuzsanna from Hungary

Gisèle a dit…

Bonjour à toutes,
Hello the canadians,
On commence à discuter ferme sur le blog.
J'ai commencé le bloc 3, la corbeille de fruits.
I begin stitching the third bloc, the fruits.
I enjoyed the Olympics Sally ! And was glad the Canada win the last gold "breloque" ! You had no chance with the weather : we had too much snow in France and Vancouver had not enought...Sorry.
Je ne sais pas ce qu'est cette arête de poisson volante ?
I don't know what is this fliying fish bones ?
Amitiés, Cheers. Gisèle.

chupe a dit…

Le poisson flottant est en fait une tête d'orignal avec son panache (ses cornes)!